All about Labour

by Gabriella Solti




All about Labour, silk/rayon tablecloth, 80" x 120"
each text silkscreened by hand individually

The weeks before the exhibition Sisyphus is Happy opened, I asked people with whom I worked closely in the last two years and who witnessed my intense long-term preoccupation with labour (artistic and otherwise) to send me an excerpt from a published text (poem, philosophical treatise, story, snappy quote, etc.) that they associate with their own thinking about labour, very broadly interpreted. I silkscreened the texts individually on two tablecloths to cover two tables in the gallery during the closing reception. Each tablecloth is 80” x 120” large.

I baked fresh Hungarian treats for the reception May 23. It was a fun experience to read (privately or collaboratively) all the various texts (ranging from an Ikea assembly instruction for a side table to a poem by Seamus Heaney to a clever quote from Chuck Close or another from Emil Zola, and many more. This was my laboriously produced final work (and “souvenir” for me) in the graduate program on the subject (labour) that I was most interested in exploring in the last two years.

Going forward, as part of my print practice, I intend to combine printmaking, labour, and homemade/artisanal food in a performative way that meaningfully engages the community.