Making FIREFLIES at the Dundas Street Festival under SHOOTING STARS, Saturday, September 17, 2016

by Gabriella Solti

Gabriella Solti, Fireflies, a community-engaged art project, Dundas Street Festival, September 17, 2016, (with 150 participants, children, adults and youth, in one and half hour) (Under another artwork of the artist, Shooting Stars, specifically created for the Festival.)

Fireflies is a community-engaged art project, wholly inclusive, suitable for all ages, and can be produced in any location. The project uses low cost materials, and simple creative construction techniques that mobilizes people’s curiosity to create delightful and unexpected experiences.



In my participatory project, Fireflies, I invite the public to create a collaborative, participatory, performative artwork that aims to simulate a spectacular summer phenomenon, fireflies, right within the city. Using simple creative construction techniques, clear food wrap and tiny multicolour flashing LED lights we will make small, lightweight and soft light balls that will rhythmically change their colour through a multitude of vibrant colours.

Then we will act like a firefly: throw the balls to each other, catch, throw back keeping them constantly in the air. In doing so, we will take our choreographic clues from real fireflies for whom flashing their light is a tool of communication expressing attraction and repulsion, desire and defence. Beyond having fun through making and playing, my project promotes community connections and taking social risk through collaboration.

The following video shows the cavalcade of colours that the ‘fireflies’ produce: